Bye, Arvi!

It was like a member of the family. But, like when kids grow up and need to leave the house, it was time for Arvi to go. Tom listed Arvi in He had a few bites, and after about a month it sold. We believe Arvi is going to a good home. It went... Continue Reading →

Arvi is a Snowbird

While we spent the months of November, December, and January celebrating holidays and skiing cross country in the beautiful woods near our cottage, Arvi basked in the sunlight at a camper megastore parking lot in Fort Myers, Florida. The megastore was unable to sell Arvi. We were given conflicting reports on why the vehicle didn't... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – May 6, 2020

Day 312: Bokeelia, FL Sunny and warm. We are preparing to go back to Michigan. We created a list of things to do, so that we don’t forget anything. Today is six days prior to departure, and we are pretty good with our schedule. Seven days prior to departure: Go for one last boat ride... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – April 3, 2020

Day 279: Bokeelia, FL Sunny and warm. RV was meant to record where we have been and our impressions of these places, and to inform our family and friends where we are. Also, to give some insight into what it is like to only live in a small RV for about a year. Part... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – April 1, 2020

Day 277: Bokeelia, FL Windy and warm. We did not get any rain last night. April fool? The weather changed, however, and it became windy and almost cool. It’s very pleasant here today. I took a long walk and noticed some lawn workers are cutting down these bunches of fruit from the palm trees. Tom... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – January 5, 2020

Day 190: Embassy Suites, Austin, TX Sunny and warm. We checked out Austin Beer Garden Brewery (ABGB), which was recommended by a few people. They have a large outdoor area with lots of picnic tables. Kelsey wanted tacos (there are so many really good taco places) so we got a recommendation of Matt’s El Rancho.... Continue Reading →

I Like Camp Food CF11

Grilled cheese and tomato hominy soup. Replace the iconic grilled cheese with a grilled chicken and cheese quesadilla Spice up the can of tomato soup with sautéed onions, garlic and green peppers. Add a little red pepper flake. Add the hominy to the soup at the end.

I like Texas state parks.

‪I like Texas State Parks! They have security with locked gates at night, nice hot showers, fire pits, cut wood for sale, nice trails, ‬picnic tables, and usually level spots to park our rig. The Texas State Parks Annual Pass is a great value for frequent visitors and campers. When you spend two nights the... Continue Reading →

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