Jen’s Journal – April 30, 2020

Day 306: Bokeelia, FL Rainy. I don’t have closets to clean, but I have plenty of digital photos to go through, delete duplicates, and label them. I started going through the photos of our trip to Finland in June 2019. I was reminded how sweet a trip it was, and how it nearly got overshadowed... Continue Reading →

Leaving Alaska

Leaving Ketchikan On The Ferry It’s been 7 weeks yesterday’s since we arrived in Alaska. We easily could have spent more time here. However it is getting cold, the leaves are changing, so it’s time to go. The The people we met in Alaska are for the most part easy to friend up. They have... Continue Reading →

Bank Fishing In Valdez

Outside Valdez near the Allison Point Campground is excellent bank fishing. There is ample parking. The climb down the bank is a little precarious so be careful. While there In mid August Pinks were heavy near the shore. All the anglers were casting beyond the pinks seeking Silvers (Coho). They swear when accidentally hooking a... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – September 4, 2019

Day 67: AMHS Columbia, Inside Passage, AK Morning fog, afternoon sunshine, warm. The ferry stopped in Ketchikan and we disembarked. Ketchikan was a lively little town with two cruise ships in port. We walked around and remembered Ketchikan 15 years ago when we were here last. Pinks, or humpy, salmon were in the stream where... Continue Reading →


A bear story This morning Jen and I were taking a casual stroll to the fishing weir in Haines. Bears frequent this spot and we were on high alert looking for them. A bear crossed the road 75 yards in front of us heading towards the weir. It disappeared in the bush next to the... Continue Reading →

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