Jen’s Journal – April 3, 2020

Day 279: Bokeelia, FL

Sunny and warm.

RV Hygiene was meant to record where we have been and our impressions of these places, and to inform our family and friends where we are. Also, to give some insight into what it is like to only live in a small RV for about a year. Part of this insight is to describe the personal routines I have developed.


We have spent perhaps five days in a row at times where there was no access to a shower. We found wipes to be very handy for any places that may get stinky or dirty. When I shower, I always put on a skin moisturizer afterwards. I am using Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Bodyworks. I consider it aromatherapy and I love the smell and I love smelling nice.

I take my underwear in the shower with me. I soap it up with nice smelling soap, rinse it, and then wash with it. I hang the underwear, along with my towel, in a clothesline we have set up in Arvi’s bathroom. Some may find this disgusting, but I always have clean underwear.

My Hair

I decided to let my hair grow, and do a ponytail, braid or twist to keep it back. This is really easier than trying to style it daily. I brought along a travel size blow dryer, but really didn’t use it. I found I need to wash my hair about every five days, unless the wind is really bad on it. I had my hair trimmed once in November, and some highlights and a trim in February.

Tom’s Hair

Very early in the trip, we bought an inexpensive electric personal groomer. Tom likes to buzz his own hair. I will often trim and clean up the neck and around the ears for him.


I normally wear make up daily. My eyebrows are so light that you can’t really see them, so I would draw them in. I brought micellar water and cotton pads to remove the makeup at night. I kept these in a very accessible spot in the bathroom of Arvi. I also brought along a nice little battery powered, magnifying, lighted makeup mirror. I gave up on wearing makeup, because Tom would usually have to wait for me to put it on, Arvi is dark, and there’s not a lot water to wash up.

I don’t even wash my face every day or with any special products. I have a 15 SPF moisturizer that I use after I wash with water in the shower.

I have gotten used to my face without makeup. This was not easy.

Dental stuff

We have always been able to brush our teeth and floss regularly. We use minimal water from the RV sink to wash off our toothbrushes, and filtered water to rinse after brushing. Very early in the trip, we spent a whole $15 on a bathroom cup that we could fasten on the bathroom wall. It is by Command. I love Command products because they can be removed without damage to any walls.


It’s pretty nice to be able to use the facilities of the home where we are (sort of) camping. Most days my skin feels sticky and sweaty from this potpourri of sweat, salt, and sunscreen. It’s nice to shower in the evening. There is a nice outdoor shower here, too, that Tom has used during the day.

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