Jen’s Journal – April 6, 2020

Day 282: Bokeelia, FL Cloudy. It became sunnier later in the day. For evening sky viewing, the full moon was fierce competition for the sunset, which we are unable to view from the pier any more. The pier has been closed to everyone except a few paying fishermen.

Jen’s Journal – April 5, 2020

Day 281: Bokeelia, FL Cloudy and cooler. Technology. We can now go to almost any church we want to. Today we went to two churches: our usual St Luke Ann Arbor, and a church in Bloomfield Hills, where our favorite pastor Dan is the vacancy preacher. The services are nice. To the point and meaningful.... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – April 3, 2020

Day 279: Bokeelia, FL Sunny and warm. RV was meant to record where we have been and our impressions of these places, and to inform our family and friends where we are. Also, to give some insight into what it is like to only live in a small RV for about a year. Part... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – April 1, 2020

Day 277: Bokeelia, FL Windy and warm. We did not get any rain last night. April fool? The weather changed, however, and it became windy and almost cool. It’s very pleasant here today. I took a long walk and noticed some lawn workers are cutting down these bunches of fruit from the palm trees. Tom... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – March 31, 2020

Day 276: Bokeelia, FL Sunny and hot. I was sick of the rain when we were in the Deep South. Here in south Florida we haven’t seen rain in the entire month of March. A shower tonight is possible. Grocery DeliveryWe received our delivery via Shipt. Megan, the Shipt shopper, also delivered the food. While... Continue Reading →

Trip Highlights

A few months ago, when talking to (texting) Matt, a young friend of mine, he said, “Oh yeah I forgot about the blog! I will check it out.” The blog already had over 150 entries. I’m not sure how much he read, because I didn’t hear from him again. I think it was overwhelming to... Continue Reading →

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