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A few months ago, when talking to (texting) Matt, a young friend of mine, he said, “Oh yeah I forgot about the blog! I will check it out.” The blog already had over 150 entries. I’m not sure how much he read, because I didn’t hear from him again. I think it was overwhelming to... Continue Reading →

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I Love Camp Food CF18

Shrimp Salad, A simple delicious no cook meal. Bag salad (my favorite is a maple bourbon bacon chopped kit), frozen cooked shrimp. Mix the salad, thaw the shrimp and pinch off the tails. Yummy, simple and no pans to clean

The Roads Less Traveled, Part 1

All of the blogs we have been reading tell us that it is extremely difficult to find places to stay while traveling in your RV. Because of the pandemic, many people have purchased RVs and taken to the road. Many national parks require reservations just to drive into them. Campgrounds are sold out and overcrowded.... Continue Reading →

Back in the South

We really didn’t expect to go to Seattle from the southeast, but that’s what we’re doing! We didn’t spend a lot of time in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park because we had been there before. We got on the road Monday morning and drove west. We did notice, however, that the great Smoky Mountains... Continue Reading →

Here we go again

Here she is, our new truck camper! Meet Clark. We have named the truck Lulu after the bear that was being chased by its bigger, mama bear in Haines, Alaska*. So we will be traveling in our rig, Lulu and Clark. Tonight will be our first night in Clark. We picked her up Friday afternoon... Continue Reading →

Bye, Arvi!

It was like a member of the family. But, like when kids grow up and need to leave the house, it was time for Arvi to go. Tom listed Arvi in He had a few bites, and after about a month it sold. We believe Arvi is going to a good home. It went... Continue Reading →

Arvi is a Snowbird

While we spent the months of November, December, and January celebrating holidays and skiing cross country in the beautiful woods near our cottage, Arvi basked in the sunlight at a camper megastore parking lot in Fort Myers, Florida. The megastore was unable to sell Arvi. We were given conflicting reports on why the vehicle didn't... Continue Reading →

Arvi is for sale

October 2020 We are selling Arvi. We spent a day detailing the rig. It looks great. We have turned it in to a camper megastore in Fort Myers, Florida, to sell on consignment. The dealership has offered us a price and they have 90 days to sell Arvi at whatever amount they choose, then pay... Continue Reading →

To Sell or Not to Sell?

Our plan was to sell Arvi after our year long odyssey. But with Covid, Arvi has come in real handy to give us the ability to travel places and yet stay physically distant from people not within our family. We have been able to travel to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on two separate trips this summer.... Continue Reading →

Ontonagon Township Park

Ontonagon Township Park is a very nice campground right on Lake Superior. Nice sites with electric, clean sites and a nice shower facility. From here are easy day trips into Porcupine Mountains State Park. Jen and I went to Presque Isle to look at the falls. It’s a nice hike with a lot of steps.... Continue Reading →

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