Bye, Arvi!

It was like a member of the family. But, like when kids grow up and need to leave the house, it was time for Arvi to go.

Tom listed Arvi in He had a few bites, and after about a month it sold.

We believe Arvi is going to a good home. It went to a couple who has emptied the nest and plans to retire soon.

I think Tom shed a few tears. I didn’t. It was time. And I already said my goodbyes in Florida when we left it for sale on consignment, which didn’t work.

There goes Arvi. He is driving Arvi, she is driving the car home.

So, what is next? Yesterday we drove three hours to look at a truck camper in Muskegon. The camper had already sold, but we were allowed to look at it to see if it was something like we would want. It appears it is going to be difficult to travel anywhere soon in a truck camper. Used ones are extremely difficult to find, and new ones take about six months once you order them.

We are really hoping to take a quick trip to Copper Harbor to catch a glimpse of the northern lights, if we can find a clear evening with good activity. We may have to stay in a dog-friendly motel to do this.

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