Jen’s Journal – April 1, 2020

Day 277: Bokeelia, FL

Windy and warm.

We did not get any rain last night. April fool? The weather changed, however, and it became windy and almost cool. It’s very pleasant here today.

I took a long walk and noticed some lawn workers are cutting down these bunches of fruit from the palm trees.

Tom contacted Ray and asked if we should do the same here. Ray said it would be alright, since they get messy, and no one would be around to enjoy looking at them this summer. We were thinking that they would create a mess when the berries start falling.

We started to look at ourselves as caretakers of this property now, and hope that the owners will be glad that we were here tending to things in their absence.

The last two days, I have been working on a little project of mapping out the big picture of our route around the United States. I became emotional, as each stop seemed like such a sweet memory. Like days forever gone to us.

We purchased a program called RV Trip Wizard back in June. The program can determine routes, calculate gas needed and cost, and show you campgrounds and other stops along your route. We didn’t use the program for this purpose, but just wanted an outline of where we had been. The program couldn’t handle the outline of a trip of our magnitude, and I wasn’t even using the mileage, gas station features, etc. Plus, the program needed internet, which we were lacking in much of Alaska and the National Parks.

Finally I found a Google Map enhancement called ASSIST that could do what I wanted, and can be saved on my Google Drive. I will be posting this map soon.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your map. What a great experience for you and Tom, and all of us living a USA dream trip through your eyes, photos, and blog.
    Stay safe. I am so glad you had our home on your journey. We had such fun.


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