Jen’s Journal – January 5, 2020

Day 190: Embassy Suites, Austin, TX

Sunny and warm.

We checked out Austin Beer Garden Brewery (ABGB), which was recommended by a few people. They have a large outdoor area with lots of picnic tables.

Kelsey wanted tacos (there are so many really good taco places) so we got a recommendation of Matt’s El Rancho. The garden area was so pleasant on such a fine day. We had tacos and tamales. Not the best we’ve had, and more than a simple street taco lunch, but really good.

We went to Jester King Brewery. Greg had been looking forward to going here on a friend’s recommendation.

Jester King is a very unusual place. It is a very large property with three places pouring unusual beers and serving pizzas and other food. It reminded me of the apple farms in Michigan in the fall. Lots of picnic tables, children and dogs. The owners recently purchased adjoining land to keep a subdivision from being built. On a tour of their farm we were shown their 100 year plan to grow both fruits and vegetables and animal products in a sustainable way that would return the land to the way it was before the bison were killed off and plows made the soil blow and wash away. I was fascinated by Farmer Peppy’s humorous and inspiring talk!

I think Kelsey and Greg found Valentino’s taco truck through google maps. They had top notch barbacoa tacos which I would put second only to the tacos Tom and I had from the truck in Port Lavaca.

We played cards for a little while and went to bed. Tom and I checked out of our room earlier in the day, so we slept in Arvi in the hotel parking lot. Dan, Kelsey and Greg stayed in another room and prepared for a very early morning departure.

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  1. sounds like fun even though Im not a beer drinker….. however just sitting out and enjoying the day amongst family would be delightful, the food sounds yummy, enjoy!


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