Jen’s Journal – January 6, 2020

Day 191: Embassy Suites, Austin, TX

Sunny and warm.

Asleep in Arvi in the parking lot, the kids woke us early to say goodbye on their way to the airport. We couldn’t get back to sleep, so we went in the hotel and had breakfast and then took showers in their vacated hotel room.

Putting everything back in order in Arvi took some time! We had stayed in a hotel room seven nights in a row, and had taken party supplies, food, games and clothes to the hotel.

We felt the Christmas celebration was a success and all had a good time. It was so nice of Jared to come to Austin from Dallas, too!

The Embassy Suites had breakfast food, happy hour drinks and snacks, and a pool and hot tub. They also had a bar area in the living room and a vanity with sink in the bedroom. It worked out splendidly for getting people together from hundreds of miles away.

Tom and I continued east toward Louisiana. We are in the pines area of eastern Texas and the terrain feels more like home here. We both even swatted mosquitoes!

The state park is the location of the first mission set up by the Spanish in eastern Texas, to thwart the French from establishing any positions of permanence here. It is a lovely park built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. They also rebuilt the mission building. The first one only lasted a few years, 1690 to 1694.

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  1. glad you were able to enjoy the amenities of the hotel room, im sure that was a nice break for you both. You sure have seenmuch of Texas, looks like a fun state, I’ll have to plan a trip there. Ohhhh no mosquitos!!!!! thats not good, I hate those little varmits…lol


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