Tom and Jen sold the house in 2018 and seriously downsized. The plan: hit the road in May for a year traveling North America in a small Class B RV.

House where we raised our children

We rented a small Sears Craftsman home while continuing to downsize. Then we left the jobs and hit the road.

Downsized to this cute craftsman house

Before the year-long trip, we spent much of June in Finland with two of our daughters. We were amazed at the similarities between Finland and northern Michigan, and Alaska.

We took off on our odyssey in the Class B, which we’ve named Arvi – a Finnish name.

After our nearly year long trip, that was cut short by the pandemic, we sold Arvi.

We enjoyed being on the road and decided to continue that style of traveling. Our plan is to travel somewhat differently than we did with Arvi. We plan on staying in one place for longer periods of time exploring places in more depth. Traveling in Arvi was great however one of the inconvenient aspects of traveling in the van is that you pack up camp when visiting points of interest. We wanted a camping setup that can be left back at camp while we are out exploring. We ended up deciding on a slide-in truck camper.

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