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Summer Pump

The summer pump on the Alde Diesel unit stopped pumping water. We had not used it for a long time and air worked its way into the pump. Milking the inlet and outlet hoses pushed water into the pump solving the issue.

Drain/Freeze Protect valve outlet was not aligned with the hole in the floor of Arvi.

There were two issues.

  1. There is a laminate floor and sub floor to drain through.  The Finished laminate floor of the coach and the steel floor of the Sprinter Van.  The holds for the drain in these floors are not aligned.
  2. The drain/freeze protect valve outlet tube was also poorly aligned.  It was at the edge of the hole in the coach finished laminate flooring.   As a result it would dump onto the the steel floor of the Sprinter van.   It would then be trapped between the finished laminate and steel subfloor of the van.  Eventually it would find a way out.  

Aligning the drain tube of the drain/freeze protect valve with the hole in the subfloor solve this problem. Now the system drains out through the subfloor onto the ground as it is intended to drain.

Fantastic Vent Buffeting Noise

While driving +50mph the fan lid would rattle. Domestic sent for free a locking feature that solved the problem.

Alde Heater Expansion Tank Overflowed

While driving home after purchasing Arvi we smelled antifreeze. Jen turned around and saw it on the floor in the back. The expansion tank cap threads were stripped and the cap didn’t seal. Alde send a replacement expansion tank under warranty.

Alde Hot Water Only Mode Not Working.

The Alde Diesel system has a summer mode where you only get hot water and no heat. That mode stopped working on my unit. This may be my fault for turning the pump speed down to 2 to reduce system noise. Fixed by turning speed back up to 5 and rebooting the system by disconnecting powers and re-seating the electrical connections.

Solar Controller Stopped Working

The Epever solar controller stopped working and had to be replaced.

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