Jen’s Journal – May 9, 2020

Day 315: Bokeelia, FL Sunny and warm. By noon there was no breeze, so we packed a lunch and went for a boat ride. I suggested Cayo Costa State Park. We learned about this park when we first arrived in the area, I think from Ray the homeowner. The park is an island and there... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – May 8, 2020

Day 314: Bokeelia, FL Sunny, breezy and warm. A BIG OLD DOLPHIN SWAM DOWN OUR CANAL!! I can’t believe how big the thing is. It’s way bigger than Tom! It took lots of breaths and I think it scratched itself on the oysters against the canal wall. We also saw a very large fish fly... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – May 7, 2020

Day 313: Bokeelia, FL Sunny, windy and cool. FishingI am not a fisherman so I don’t get it. Catch a fish, succumb it to suffering while removing it from the water and removing the hook, so that you can look at it and throw it back. Tom catches fish. It has scales, a tail and... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – May 6, 2020

Day 312: Bokeelia, FL Sunny and warm. We are preparing to go back to Michigan. We created a list of things to do, so that we don’t forget anything. Today is six days prior to departure, and we are pretty good with our schedule. Seven days prior to departure: Go for one last boat ride... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – May 5, 2020

Day 311: Bokeelia, FL Sunny and warm. We went for a nice boat ride and fished again today. Well, Tom fished. His interesting catch today was a half of a fish. While he was reeling it in, something, probably a shark, bit half of it off. And it would’ve been the biggest spotted trout he... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – May 4, 2020

Day 310: Bokeelia, FL Sunny and warm. For once we got out on the water early in the morning. Early means 10:30 AM - ha ha! The water was calm as glass. Tom did some fishing, then we remembered that Cayo Costa State Park opened today for boaters, but we didn’t go. It’s kind of... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – May 3, 2020

Day 309: Bokeelia, FL Sunny and pleasant. We have been here three days shy of two months, and finally went for a bike ride. We found some homes on canals east of here that we were previously unaware of. Many of them look like old Florida - kind of shabby chic. And there are many... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – April 28, 2020

Day 304: Bokeelia, FL Sunny and warm. Capt’n Con’s has been serving people on picnic tables outside Saturday and today. Tom thinks he doesn’t want to get food there anymore.He’s afraid they are not taking the coronavirus seriously. OK, I need to add a correction. When I spoke with someone at Capt’n Con’s (I bought... Continue Reading →

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