Jen’s Journal – May 7, 2020

Day 313: Bokeelia, FL

Sunny, windy and cool.


I am not a fisherman so I don’t get it. Catch a fish, succumb it to suffering while removing it from the water and removing the hook, so that you can look at it and throw it back.

Tom catches fish. It has scales, a tail and fins. “Ooh, it’s a speckled sea trout!”

Tom catches another fish. It has scales, a tail and fins. “Look, it’s a snook!”

Tom catches yet another fish. It has scales, a tail and fins. “It’s a ladyfish!”

Then I think about nature and don’t feel so bad about the fish suffering. Two days ago I shared about the chomped fish Tom caught.

Yesterday we were standing on the second-story porch, looking down at the canal. There was a patch of sunlight on the water and you could see into the water pretty well. A little fish was swimming around and around in the patch of sunlight. It reminded me of a children’s story about a vain little fish.

Tom went down to the water to get a better look and a photo. “It’s a snook”, he said.

Seconds later, a much bigger snook darted in and gulped it down.

This is a snook that Tom caught and released recently.

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