Jen’s Journal – May 9, 2020

Day 315: Bokeelia, FL

Sunny and warm.

By noon there was no breeze, so we packed a lunch and went for a boat ride.

I suggested Cayo Costa State Park. We learned about this park when we first arrived in the area, I think from Ray the homeowner. The park is an island and there are no bridges to get there. There is a free ferry that leaves from Pine Island, but that ferry was closed back in March when everyone here got the stay-at-home order. Well this past Monday the park was open again for private boaters to use the beach, as long as they kept physical distance from other household groups.

Once we got out on the water, the wind kicked up again, so Tom did some fishing. He caught two fish that I had not seen before, a ladyfish and a crevalle jack.

It started to get calm and hot, so we went ahead and did the half hour ride to Cayo Costa. This place is party city. Since people arrived in boats, they were able to keep a distance from each other because their boats were anchored pretty far apart. We found a pretty wide space and pulled up along the sand. The people in the boats on either side of us were blasting the music such that it was a sound battle. Now we understood why there was such a big space between those two boats – no one else wanted to be there. We stayed maybe a half hour, I got in the water and had a little swim, and then we left.

Now that we have been to Cayo Costa, I can go home to Michigan.

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