Jen’s Journal – April 30, 2020

Day 306: Bokeelia, FL Rainy. I don’t have closets to clean, but I have plenty of digital photos to go through, delete duplicates, and label them. I started going through the photos of our trip to Finland in June 2019. I was reminded how sweet a trip it was, and how it nearly got overshadowed... Continue Reading →

The Night Train Turku To Oulu

We booked sleeper cars on the night train from Turku to Oulu. They were kind of cool. The total trip was about 10 hrs. That was due to a 3 hr stop in Tampere. The train stopped at Tampere from 11:30pm to 2:30am to switch cars and engines. It was a great chance to get... Continue Reading →

Helsinki the second time

Jen and I rushed out of Lappeenranta early heading to Helsinki to spend the day walking the city. Due to a missed flight connection at London Gatwick coming into Finland we missed a our full day in Helsinki. Kauppatori My focus was to get freshly cooked Muikku at Market Square (Kauppatori). We got it and... Continue Reading →

The Lakeland Region – days 13-16

Kajaani-Paltamo We saw a moose on the road while we were traveling towards the lakes region. Unfortunately there isn't a photo. On the way to the Lakes Region eagle eye Jen spotted a road named Lahnala Road (Lahnalantie). We were not on the lookout for anything like this and I'm surprised she picked it out.... Continue Reading →

Driving In Finland

Update: Drove in Helsinki today. It was rush hour (1700 or 5pm), beautiful day sunny and 75F, cruise ship on town. It was nerve wracking. Cars, buses, taxis, pedestrians, bikes, and Jen doing the navigating. All the activity required the radar to be at full power. After spending two weeks in the Finland countryside driving... Continue Reading →

Finland Is For Foodies

I've been having a lot of Finnish soup. The food here is really great. From the elegant restaurant to the fast food joint everything has been fresh and well prepared. Poronkäristys (sautéed Reindeer) Poronkäristys is reindeer served primarily with mashed potatoes and lingonberries. It is a traditional Finnish meal from Lapland. We have had reindeer... Continue Reading →


This lake is the second largest in Finland. It is raining on our dinner cruise. The cruise is very nice on the Suomen Suvi. The food is good.

Inari – day 12 – 13

Inari is a lot like Upper Michigan. It has rocky terrain, evergreen trees, berry bushes, water, and few people. This is the place for outdoor enthusiasts. There are many reindeer in the area. We are at the Inari Hotel. It doesn't seem like much from the outside. The inside is very nice with warm, comfortable,... Continue Reading →

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