Helsinki the second time

Jen and I rushed out of Lappeenranta early heading to Helsinki to spend the day walking the city.

Due to a missed flight connection at London Gatwick coming into Finland we missed a our full day in Helsinki.


My focus was to get freshly cooked Muikku at Market Square (Kauppatori). We got it and like all food we had in Finland it was good. However, I think the Muikku that we tasted at the market in Oulu was better. It may be because in Oulu it was the time we had Muikku.

A great place to sit outside, have a cup of coffee, and watch people is Kappeli. It is right next to the market.

Helsinki Cathedral

We had time to visit the Helsinki Cathedral. This impressive building lures you inside. Here is a photo of the altar and organ.


We headed off to the Arkkitehtuurimuseo (Finnish Museum Of Architecture). This museum gives you a history of the culture, the people, and the buildings of each era. It is a small display done very well. I found it worth the modest entrance fee. I took no photos here, sorry.

Pyhan Kolminaisuuden Kirkko

(Church of the holy trinity)

This church sits in the shadow of the Helsinki cathedral. It is small and plain on the outside compared to the cathedral.

Bold Jen just walked inside (I wouldn’t see half the things that I see without my travel partner Jen).

This church is lovely and very ornate on the inside.

It was a little awkward. We were sitting inside admiring the church and realized that there was a private wedding or a baptism or a confirmation or something like that about to start. So we quietly snuck out.

Pyhan Kolminaisuuden Kirkko

Old Market Hall

Don’t miss the Old Market Hall. It is around the corner from Kauppatori. The place has a “Pike Street Market” feel. It is for the foodie and has all things good to eat.

The Old Market Hall

The Cafe Regarta

We’ve been told the this place has the best Pulla (similar to cinnamon buns) in the world. Next to Jen’s they may be second best.

We had these on our first visit to Helsinki. They were so good that this was our last stop on the way to the airport when leaving Finland.

This place is next to the Sibelius Monument so do them both.

it’s a lovely spot on the water to enjoy a coffee and something sweet. For savory tastes they have sausages that you roast yourself on an open fire. Yum.

Off to the airport

Bye Finland !

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