Jen’s Journal – April 30, 2020

Day 306: Bokeelia, FL


I don’t have closets to clean, but I have plenty of digital photos to go through, delete duplicates, and label them.

I started going through the photos of our trip to Finland in June 2019. I was reminded how sweet a trip it was, and how it nearly got overshadowed by our road trip, which began almost immediately upon our return to the states. It seems like I didn’t get to savor memories of the trip afterwards, because we were preparing to get on the road. So going through these pictures was a good opportunity to savor the trip.

Tampere, Finland at midnight

I then moved on to our road trip. It took me many many hours, but I finally finished the Michigan-to-Alaska portion of our trip. All of my photos are in chronological order and labeled for location, and any interesting things about them. I deleted many, but still ended up with 600 photos. While looking at the trip, especially the side trip to Kodiak, the trip to Valdez, and Haines, I realized how fortunate I was to be able to go and see these beautiful, exotic places.

View from Fort Abercrombie on Kodiak Island. You might guess it was Hawaii.
The Valdez Glacier Lake
Like Valdez, beautiful Haines is surrounded by water and glacier-topped mountains.

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