Inari – day 12 – 13

Inari is a lot like Upper Michigan. It has rocky terrain, evergreen trees, berry bushes, water, and few people. This is the place for outdoor enthusiasts. There are many reindeer in the area.

We are at the Inari Hotel. It doesn’t seem like much from the outside. The inside is very nice with warm, comfortable, clean rooms. The restaurant has a fine view of the water. The room includes a nice breakfast. The Arctic Fish Pizza and the Fish Soup from the hotel restaurant are good.

Siida is the Sami Cultural Center. It has very well done displays of the history of the Sami culture to present time. Don’t miss this if you come to Inari.

Lake Inari is pretty.

A local Sami that we met there said we were lucky to plan our trip before the mosquito season. We beat them buzzers by a couple weeks. Yay.

A really nice place to dine with a view of the lower rapids on the Juutua river is Restaurant Aanaar at the Kultahovi Hotel. The food is made from local ingredients. The chef there is very talented.

Lemmenjoki National Park (Finnish: Lemmenjoen kansallispuisto)

We drove about 40 minutes from Inari to the Lemmenjoki National Park to hike the Luontopolku Nature Trail. we say many reindeer along the drive. The hike is not difficult and takes just over an hour at a casual pace to complete. It’s a beautiful spot that is worth the drive from Inari.

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  1. What a wonderful post. Inari is one of those places, we love visit from time to time. BTW, did You take a Cruise on Lake Inari? Cruising on such a big lake in the real north is great experience. when in Finland, lake cruises are must.

    I enjoyed very much seeing Your beautiful photos presenting my country. Thank You Arvi.

    Best regards,


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