The Night Train Turku To Oulu

We booked sleeper cars on the night train from Turku to Oulu. They were kind of cool. The total trip was about 10 hrs. That was due to a 3 hr stop in Tampere.

The train stopped at Tampere from 11:30pm to 2:30am to switch cars and engines. It was a great chance to get out and walk the city. Tampere has a beautiful district along the river. The buildings were lite up in an enchanting way.

We really enjoyed our stroll through the city.

Back on the train at 2:00am to try and get some sleep. the rooms were comfortable and included a nice shower. The room was clean and came with towels and shower soap. The caption to the photo below is a very brief tour of the berth.

For some people the motion of the train is soothing and lulls them to sleep.

Unfortunately I am a really light sleeper and did not get any that night.

The trains are nice. Next time I would take day train.

We didn’t try out the dining car since we got on around 9:30pm and were off at 8am.

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