The Lakeland Region – days 13-16


We saw a moose on the road while we were traveling towards the lakes region. Unfortunately there isn’t a photo.

On the way to the Lakes Region eagle eye Jen spotted a road named Lahnala Road (Lahnalantie). We were not on the lookout for anything like this and I’m surprised she picked it out.

We rented small house in a village between Kajaani and Paltamo. The was a short stop on our way to the Lakes Region. we were in a neighborhood and felt like one of the locals.

An evening drive into Kajaani was a delight. We went to see the “Tar Canals” and were surprised to find really nice trails along the Kajaani river along with great parks. It seemed like the rest of the town was enjoying the outdoors with us.

Looking down the Kajaani river


Jyväskylä is a college town on lake Päijänne and lake Tuomiojärvi. It has a lively downtown area with many places to eat and socialize. It has a nice tall viewing tower On top of a hill. You can drive there or climb the many steps from town. We took the steps. You get a good look of the area from up there.


This quaint little town on the boarder of the Lakes Region and Karelia has an awesome fortress. It was started by the Swedes, took over and expanded by Russians, now truly Finnish. The trip to see this magnificent fortification is worth it. Make sure you take the guided tour.


This border town is the first where we have found people who struggle with English.

The people we have been in contact with speak Finnish and Russian and little English.

There is an amazing wooden double crucifix floor plan church here. It’s the only one in Finland.

This is a border town with Russia in Karelia.

There is a really nice Karelian history museum and a nice art museum, featuring the works of Väinö Rautio, who experienced the Soviet takeover of his homeland and the Finnish reclamation of one of the three towns in the area. He left his town of Viipuri (now in Russia) for Lappeenranta. His paintings reflected some of that history, making them very poignant

Karelian Poncho

I think this area is really interesting (cool).

We stayed in a basic hotel (community shower), that has a great sauna. We had the sauna as soon as we got there.

There is a sand castle thing here where sand castle artists come and build massive sand castleS. The sand castles are impressive.

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  1. Oh, now I noticed that You visited there. Great pic. Thank You. My post will be maybe in August. I still have two posts waiting showing “Unknown” Helsinki. Next week I’ll publish the third part and two week later our visit to a ghost house on the biggest island of Helsinki, where tourist do not visit. Sigh!



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