Driving In Finland

Update: Drove in Helsinki today. It was rush hour (1700 or 5pm), beautiful day sunny and 75F, cruise ship on town. It was nerve wracking. Cars, buses, taxis, pedestrians, bikes, and Jen doing the navigating. All the activity required the radar to be at full power.

After spending two weeks in the Finland countryside driving in Helsinki was a bear.

Otherwise, driving in Finland is pretty straightforward. Unlike southern Italians, (and I mean no disrespect because I had fun driving there), the Finns know the rules and follow them. They are courteous and watch out for each other.

The roads are in great condition and are for the most part wide and well marked.

We did find a lot of dirt roads. They were rough in spots.

If you are in Lapland watch out for the reindeer. There are a lot of them.

We saw a moose but didn’t get a photo.

In the cities keep a sharp eye out for bikes and pedestrians. The city streets are well marked. Get familiar with the signs. There are a lot of them. There are often yield signs at intersections with stop lights – a little confusing.

This sign is pretty clear.

The highways keep you on your toes since the speeds change frequently and many roads are watched by speed cameras. Video of driving on E75. https://youtu.be/_4QX0PTi26w

These tourist site signs are everywhere. They could mean anything from a scenic pull off to a tourist trap.

The other sign you see a lot of is one where you can buy something made locally. It could even be only a coffee.

The semi trucks are impressively large. They amaze me.

Watch out for bikes and pedestrians. They are everywhere.

There are miles and miles of roads through beautiful forested countryside.

Parking Fees

Finding parking is not difficult. In most areas you can find free parking. Helsinki expect to pay.

The parking is pretty well marked. All the paid parking that we used had remote pay stations that used credit cards. You could also pay using an app on your phone.

Parking that required payment has signs like that above. The top numbers are Monday through Friday pay times. The times in parentheses is for Saturday. in this example Sunday is free. If there was a third row of numbers colored red that would be for Sunday. We never spotted any of those.

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