I Love Camp Food CF16

Scones: Ok, not your typical camp food. Our van has a small convection oven and Jennifer likes to bake. I'm happily eating a fresh baked praline pecan scone. Flour, sugar, butter, baking power, cream, salt, add additional items as you wish. Jen adds dried fruit, nuts, sometimes chocolate, etc. Yum

I Love Camp Food CF15

Breakfast Quesadilla Tortillas are great for camping. There are so many things you can make with them that are one pan and easy cleanup. This morning Jen made breakfast quesadillas. Instead of salsa she made a cream cheese aioli sauce for the top. The filling is eggs and colby jack cheese. Yum

I Love Camp Food CF13

Extraordinary Chicken Tacos Prep and cooking time was about 20 minutes. One pan meal. Sauté onions and green pepper. Add to the pan marinated chicken (we purchased the chicken already marinated). Cook the chicken until done. Add the chicken and vegetables to the tortillas. Sprinkle in some cheese, fold the tortillas and enjoy. Add your... Continue Reading →

Our Louisiana-Mississippi Trip Path

Once we crossed into Louisiana one of the first things we did was stop for seafood lunch at Steamboat Bill's. We had gumbo and étouffée and were introduced to boudin (pronounced boo-DAN). That was the beginning of a tastebud odyssey. We didn't cook much campfood while in Lousianna or Mississippi. Eating the local fare was... Continue Reading →

I Love Camp Food CF14

A Texas Kolache is a breakfast food made with a sweet bread stuffed with various breakfast items. We found most stuffed with some type of sausage. Here is our homemade version. We used Poppin Fresh Croissant dough purchased in the dairy section, found locally made smoked creole sausage, and added some sharp cheese. We pre-cooked... Continue Reading →

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