I Love Camp Food CF09

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals. This open face egg dish is delicious. 1-Toast rye bread with a little butter in pan 2-Remove from pan and place asadero cheese on the toast 3-Cook an over easy egg in the buttered pan 4-Place egg on top of the cheese and toast 5-Turn off heat and... Continue Reading →

Tour Map

Currently in Roswell 11/26 Stopped in Roswell for some warmer weather and to do some business. We will be heading to Carlsbad for Thanksgiving.

Alde Heater Can’t Keep up

It’s 20° outside and our diesel Alde heater system can’t keep up while using electric. Both electrical heating units are on and the fan is on high. We shut it off and used this little space heater and it heated the space up quickly. Now it is nice and toasty inside. 

I Love Camp Food CF07

This is a similar post to one of my my earlier “I Love Camp Food” posts. The star of this meal is the couscous and mushrooms sautéed in olive oil with onion and garlic. The fully cooked smoked pork chops heated in 3 minutes. However, they were not the Hormel brand that we’ve had previously... Continue Reading →

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