The Roads Less Traveled, Part 1

All of the blogs we have been reading tell us that it is extremely difficult to find places to stay while traveling in your RV. Because of the pandemic, many people have purchased RVs and taken to the road. Many national parks require reservations just to drive into them. Campgrounds are sold out and overcrowded. So we are taking the roads less traveled and a very a roundabout way to Seattle.

Our roundabout drive to Seattle, going from Michigan to Raleigh and west, has met up with some famous, or infamous, trails. So far we have been on the Appalachian Trail, Trail of Tears and the Natchez Trace Parkway. Yesterday we met up with Route 66 in Oklahoma.

Tom has now made it to all 50 states

Since this was a weekend, we reserved a campsite at a KOA a few days ahead of time. It was expensive, but we used the pool and laundry there.

After playing the theme song from Oklahoma a half-dozen times, I read the literature about Route 66 provided at the Oklahoma Welcome Center. A local treat found on the route is the Onion Burger, half meat and half shredded onions pressed onto the grill together, originally created during the depression to stretch out the meat. Sounds wonderful, right?

We arrived to El Reno, Oklahoma late on a hot Friday evening, and got back on the road early to beat the heat.

Tom says, “Where can we get an Onion Burger?”

I refer back to the brochure to find Onion Burgers are a specialty in El Reno, the place we left behind an hour and a half ago.

Cute, eh?

This sounds silly, but I was super sad about missing the Onion Burger!

If you get to El Reno, please pick up an Onion Burger. Let me know if you like it. Some day I hope to be back on Route 66 to try one myself.

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