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Currently in Roswell 11/26 Stopped in Roswell for some warmer weather and to do some business. We will be heading to Carlsbad for Thanksgiving.

Alde Heater Can’t Keep up

It’s 20° outside and our diesel Alde heater system can’t keep up while using electric. Both electrical heating units are on and the fan is on high. We shut it off and used this little space heater and it heated the space up quickly. Now it is nice and toasty inside. 

Desert Rat Under The Hood

The infamous pack rat (Desert Rat) found its way under the hood of Arvi. We first heard it scratching around when we were getting ready for bed. I went out and popped the hood to investigate. There it was, out of reach, looking up at me. I tried to chase it out. It’s hard to... Continue Reading →

I Love Camp Food CF07

This is a similar post to one of my my earlier “I Love Camp Food” posts. The star of this meal is the couscous and mushrooms sautéed in olive oil with onion and garlic. The fully cooked smoked pork chops heated in 3 minutes. However, they were not the Hormel brand that we’ve had previously... Continue Reading →

Olive and Lavender Farm

Last night we enjoyed a hospitable stay at CP Farms in Paso Robles. Nick the cat is friendly and made me miss our cat Riikka. This morning we woke up to a fog filled valley. The sun won the day around 9:30 this morning. A special treat Jen made her famous scones. We bought olive... Continue Reading →

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