Jen’s Journal – May 9, 2020

Day 315: Bokeelia, FL Sunny and warm. By noon there was no breeze, so we packed a lunch and went for a boat ride. I suggested Cayo Costa State Park. We learned about this park when we first arrived in the area, I think from Ray the homeowner. The park is an island and there... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – May 7, 2020

Day 313: Bokeelia, FL Sunny, windy and cool. FishingI am not a fisherman so I don’t get it. Catch a fish, succumb it to suffering while removing it from the water and removing the hook, so that you can look at it and throw it back. Tom catches fish. It has scales, a tail and... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – May 5, 2020

Day 311: Bokeelia, FL Sunny and warm. We went for a nice boat ride and fished again today. Well, Tom fished. His interesting catch today was a half of a fish. While he was reeling it in, something, probably a shark, bit half of it off. And it would’ve been the biggest spotted trout he... Continue Reading →

Hot Boat Haul Out

These guys did an impressive job hauling this boat out of the water. There was a strong cross wind. The boat was coming in fast and a little sideways. The tractor pulling the trailer had to synchronize with the boat coming in. The video is short and doesn’t capture well the difficulty of the situation.... Continue Reading →

Fishing the Kenai River

Took some time to fish today on the Kenai River. The salmon are running. Had one nice fish on for about a minute before it broke my line. The big one got away. My guess it was a Coho since that is what everyone else was pulling in.

Arvi Goes Fishing In The Florida Keys

The trip to the Keys was an adventure.  Who would have thought that most campgrounds would not allow boats.  It was a real problem.   Most the snow birds were still there and many campgrounds were full.  I have to thank my friends Glenn and Dee for the opportunity to driveway camp at their place.... Continue Reading →

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