Jen’s Journal – April 4, 2020

Day 280: Bokeelia, FL

Sunny and warm.

I finished the map of where we’ve been on our odyssey. I added where we planned to go to finish the circle home. The parts in red are the planned stops, with the New Hampshire stop being dependent on how we felt at the end of our trip, or if our friends there were going to be home when it was time to make that decision.

The numbers are just stop numbers added by Google maps. This map does not show the length of time we spent at any of the stops, it just shows our stops.

We figured on leaving Florida in April, and heading up the Georgia coast.

It is looking like we will head straight to Michigan when people are no longer advised to stay home.

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  1. Hi Jen,

    I looked at your map. It looks like you have had a great adventure and I am so sorry that it may be cut short. I think our Alaska trip will be off for this year. We had planned to spend the month of June up there. Hopefully we can do it in 2021. Anyway, when I saw your map, if you do come home straight from Virginia, the Flight 93 museum is in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. We went there in early March on our way back from Manassas where we visited my cousin. It really was close to our route home so I thought I would mention it.

    Stay safe in Florida.

    Take care,



  2. it appears to me you guys need to do another trip….Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Nevada, are all wonderful states and have much beauty as


    1. Agree! We have been to most of those places already. That’s why we stuck with the coast this time. I still want to go back to New Mexico and catch some of Utah’s sights. There’s so much out there to see!


    1. We are very looking forward to it! Did you notice you are the last stop before Michigan? Assuming we bypass Lee, New Hampshire.


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