Jen’s Journal – March 31, 2020

Day 276: Bokeelia, FL

Sunny and hot.

I was sick of the rain when we were in the Deep South. Here in south Florida we haven’t seen rain in the entire month of March. A shower tonight is possible.

Grocery Delivery

We received our delivery via Shipt. Megan, the Shipt shopper, also delivered the food. While she was shopping for our groceries, she texted me probably a dozen times regarding substitutions. I was wondering if perhaps I should just have gotten the groceries myself. Lots of products are sold out. No TP or paper towels. This is okay because we have enough for a while, but I like to get a spare.

Since we purchased some beer and wine, Megan had to see our actual driver license. We left Tom’s driver license and a tip in the mailbox for her to take. She set the groceries all down in the driveway, per our instructions, and we spoke with her from a good distance.

We assumed all of the food was coughed on.

Tom was the “dirty“ person. He looked through the plastic bags, and anything that did not need refrigeration went into the shed for a three day holding period. The bags with produce, meat, dairy, etc. were brought up and set on the glass stove surface.

I had a sink full of hot soapy dishwater and took the goods out of the bags and put them into the dishwater and washed and rinsed them.

Once Tom had all of the dry goods in the shed, he came upstairs, washed his hands, and took the food that I had washed in soapy dishwater and dried it and put it away in the refrigerator or on the counter. We washed the glass stovetop.

Some of the stores have employees that shop for you and you can pick up the groceries outside of the store. We phoned Winn-Dixie, and they told us they don’t have that service, but that we could use Shipt. So that is what we did.

Happier Things

There are three osprey nests on this short street alone. We have become what I consider friends with these osprey. We look at each other a lot. They have a sweet innocent chirp which is inconsistent with their size and prowess. That is not an osprey tail in the photo – it is a fish!

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  1. I’m still reading every day and look forward to seeing what you’re up to. I just wanted you to know that I haven’t lost interest! I love the osprey pics. Stay away as long as you can. Michigan is a very sad place to be right now.


    1. Aw thanks, Barb! I think about you and wonder if you’re reading. When we go home, we go to Gaylord. Otsego county is also sad, and they do not have the medical capacity for all who may become sick. That was an important factor in our decision to stay here.


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