Oh No A 4th Defect In My SS Agile

The dealer working on the solar system called yesterday with some bad news.   When the technician pulled Arvi into the garage to work on it he heard a rattling noise under the hood.  Investigating he found the idler pulley for the belt running the underhood generator system that Roadtrek installed was loose.  The attachment... Continue Reading →

Solar Not Working – Oh No!

The other day noticed the lights on the solar controller were out.   Normally there would be at minimum one green light on indicating that the batteries were attached with good voltage. If the sun is out there would be at two lights on.  One for solar charging and the other for the batteries.     ... Continue Reading →

Fantastic Vent Repair

The Fantastic Vent developed two issues really quickly.   It surprising since these units have a great reputation.  The first issue is a dry bearing type chirp developed in the motor unit.   The second issue is the cover rattles while traveling over 60 mph.  These units are rated for 85+. The Fantastic Vent manufacturer send a... Continue Reading →

Long Term RV Storage

Now the rig is set for handling the cold Michigan winter it is time to store it a few months. Do I cover it like my neighbor Curt did his RV? My automotive engineer expert buddy says not to cover it. The cover will trap moisture like a greenhouse promoting a musty smell. Considering inside... Continue Reading →

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