Solar Not Working – Oh No!

The other day noticed the lights on the solar controller were out.   Normally there would be at minimum one green light on indicating that the batteries were attached with good voltage. If the sun is out there would be at two lights on.  One for solar charging and the other for the batteries.   

  My controller is dark shown below.

Here is how a working unit should look.  Note the two bright green lights.

Using a Vohm meter to check the voltage there is power coming from the solar panels.   The battery side of the controller measures battery voltage (13.6v).   I would expect something higher than that if it was charging.  something near 14v.  So there is power in but no power out.   The controller must be defective.

Can’t get into a service dealer until the end of January and that is grand rapids.   The local dealer ( A & S RV in Auburn Hills) will not service my unit since I didn’t buy it there.   I don’t think I will ever buy anything from them with that policy.   I’m thinking of buying a new one and replacing it myself.   For the price of fuel and time to go to Grand Rapids I would save money.

Bought an MT50 ( to add to improve my ability to monitor the solar system. It is really inexpensive so it is surprising it isnt a standard item that comes with the solar system in my RV.

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