Jen’s Journal – November 18, 2019

Day 142: Gilbert Ray Campground, Tucson, AZ

Sunny and warm.

It is just too nice here to move. We are sitting in the shade and morning breeze watching the birds. A cactus wren flew into Arvi, looked around, perched on the steering wheel, and then left in its own time. Hummingbirds and another little gray bird have been visiting us. I think they have been fed before, they are so friendly. There is another tiny bird the size of a hummingbird. It could be a gnatcatcher.

We took showers outside! Arvi has an outdoor shower and today was a good day to try it. The water pressure is so so, and I don’t like having to run the water for a while to get the temperature right. But I was able to wash my hair! Yes, we wore bathing suits. This is what the setup looks like. There is a holder so you don’t have to hold the shower head all the time.

We went in to Tucson to pick up a package we had ordered and sent to General Delivery. We ordered the right type of cord to fix our window shades. Tom fixed a second shade. We fixed the first shade last week using nylon string from the hardware store, then saw it wasn’t the right type of cord to move smoothly through the shade.

We had another quiet evening, once the coyotes finished their evening-beginning barking and carrying on.

Southern Arizona is supposed to get a lot of rain starting tomorrow. I am curious to see what happens in the desert with all the rain. Apparently flash floods occur and the rainwater flows into washes everywhere.

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  1. You guys are cracking me and Tony up!!!! Lol…… great reading your post… enjoy our friendly flying friends and be safe with the rains… it has rained yesterday and today here, a fair amount… the palm trees needed it. Safe travels.


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