Long Term RV Storage

Now the rig is set for handling the cold Michigan winter it is time to store it a few months. Do I cover it like my neighbor Curt did his RV? My automotive engineer expert buddy says not to cover it. The cover will trap moisture like a greenhouse promoting a musty smell.

Considering inside storage. That would be best. Need to figure out how to keep mice out of it. We found storage for $75 per month. It is Not heated but has electricity available to keep management system running for lithium batteries.

I’ll stew on this for a week or two then make a decision.

We ended up parking it in the driveway and plugging into shore power with the battery managment system on. I would occasionally run the furnace and start the engine and let it warm up. The rig managed the winter ok.

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    1. We’re going to keep it in the driveway for now. I guess no final decision. I’m doing some work on it. I’m replacing the fantastic vent. I also need to take it into Mercedes to get a lightbulb in the Dash replaced.


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