Journal – November 8, 2019

Day 132: Kaibab National Forest, southeast of the Grand Canyon Sunny and cold. Today’s crisis: the coffee pot broke! We put 10 ounces of water in and only four came out as coffee. This happened several times. We stopped at four stores in Flagstaff to find a new pot: Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Home... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – November 7, 2019

Day 131: Grand Canyon Caverns Campground, Peach Springs, AZ Sunny and cool. We decided this morning to go to the Grand Canyon. It wasn’t too far - maybe 60 miles. We took off early and drove the rest of Route 66 to Seligman, Arizona, another crazy-for-Route-66 town, and quite fun, then caught the regular highways... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Journal – November 4, 2019

Day 128: Cabela Drive, San Diego, CA Sunny and warm. We’ve stayed at Maggie and Randy’s house longer than we’ve stayed anywhere on this trip - five nights! We got on the road east and at 1:49 Mountain Time we crossed the Colorado River to Arizona. There is noticeably more business and activity on the... Continue Reading →

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