Jen’s Journal – November 10, 2019

Day 134: National Forest road off 89A south of Sedona

Sunny and warm.

We had breakfast at Crema Craft Kitchen in Cottonwood and ordered a new coffee pot while eating. Crema is in the Old Town of Cottonwood and is a delightful restaurant on a delightful street.

Not far from Cottonwood is Jerome, a small town on a hill that rose and fell with the mining of copper, zinc, silver and gold. We toured the state park museum there where we learned about the mining history. Nowadays the town is an artsy-fartsy tourist center, with lots of traffic on Sunday afternoons.

Back in Cottonwood we spent some time at the rec center, soaking in the hot tub, floating in the lazy river, sliding down the tall, curving slide, and finally getting a good shower. We really need to do this more. For $10 we got all that. The state park here charges $15 for showers only. I think that charge is for a car, not per person, I’m not sure.

Finally we spent some time in Sedona. We went to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. There was much traffic going north in Sedona and much also around the chapel. We found it to be a plain but quaint building in a beautiful setting.

Finally we had dinner in Tlaquepaque, an art center in the midst of shade trees. Then it was 6 pm and dark, and we retired to the same forest road as the night before, and made birthday plans.

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