Jen’s Journal – November 13, 2019

Day 137: Cave Creek Regional Park Campground, AZ

Sunny and warm.

We had an ambitious list of four things to do today: get the tires rotated at 10 AM, do some laundry, go to the library, and go to the pasty place. We did manage to get those four things finished, and got back to our campsite around 7 PM. It is very dark here and the moon is just rising.

Of that list, the pasty place is worth discussing. It is called Cornish Pasty Company and their pasties are very, very good. They should be, since they have seven locations now. The pasty place is in the style of British pub meets Arizona.

We were able to sit at a bar out doors and have a Guinness with a pasty. They have about 35 kinds of pasties, which is over the top for me. But we did try one that wasn’t the typical beef pasty: a bangers and mash pasty. It had mashed potatoes, roast beef and onions inside and was really good and I’m glad I tried it. I think the pasties have an egg wash on them because the crust is shiny and crisp but flaky.

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