Jen’s Journal – April 5, 2020

Day 281: Bokeelia, FL

Cloudy and cooler.

Technology. We can now go to almost any church we want to. Today we went to two churches: our usual St Luke Ann Arbor, and a church in Bloomfield Hills, where our favorite pastor Dan is the vacancy preacher. The services are nice. To the point and meaningful.

Hey it rained this evening! The first time we’ve had rain in over a month.

I’ve been working on creating a knitting pattern for tiny sweaters. I think I’m finished with the pattern.

I tried to get back into the National Geographic magazines, but first I had to renew the subscription. I still can’t get access to the magazines online, so I’ll try to get that fixed Monday.

So I’m working on organizing and naming all of my pictures from our trip.

2 thoughts on “Jen’s Journal – April 5, 2020

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  1. glad you guys are continuing to enjoy your journey!! who are the tiny sweaters going to be for?? I bet you have alot of pics to organize but what great memories!!


    1. Thanks! Right now I’m organizing 2019 and I got through May. I hope to get 2019 up to this trip finished! I can’t say yet who the tiny sweaters are for.


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