Jen’s Journal – March 11, 2020

Day 256: Dowitcher Drive, Fort Myers, FL

Sunny and warm.

We had lunch with Pat and Judy at the Dixie Fish Co and had a dip in the pool where they are staying. The Dixie Fish Co is on the water and we watched boats go by while having chicken wings.

People in the Fort Myers area seem to be enjoying spring break – going to the beach, going boating, eating out, waiting in line at restaurants. So we are doing the same for now. We don’t know anyone who has come down with COVID-19. And, probably like you, dear reader, we don’t know what else we should be doing.

After dinner out at a crowded restaurant with Yvonne tonight, we looked at Bunche Beach, then we stopped at the grocery store. The store was short on toilet paper, so we picked some up. Tom and I got some cans of chicken soup, in case we got sick….. again.

We have been staying at the house of Connie’s friend Yvonne the last two nights. Connie flew back to Michigan yesterday and Yvonne was very kind to let us hang out here.

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  1. We love reading about the great time you are having. As to the virus everything in DC is shut down, museums, etc. The schools are closed and I think we are only going to have one staff member at church
    every day. I am calling the dr. Monday to see if Heather should still work as she has a suppressed immune system due to her Down syndrome and her celiac. Scott and I are pretty isolated as he stays home and I only go to church every day. However, despite their disappointment in everything being closed, my sister and her husband are coming the last week of March for a visit.


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