Jen’s Journal – March 10, 2020

Day 255: Dowitcher Drive, Fort Myers, FL

Sunny and perfectly warm.

I was looking for the full moon early this morning, at Judy’s suggestion, and I didn’t see the moon, but I saw a bobcat in the neighborhood where Yvonne is living and we spent the night.

Sanibel and Captiva

Everyone says these places are beautiful, and I agree. On Sanibel Island, we visited the J. N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge. We KAYAKED through the refuge. Although some see dolphins or manatees, we saw starfish, sponges and lots of mullet. And birds, of course. We still had a wonderful time.

The refuge has a nature drive, which of course we took, and it is beautiful. There is a historical walk through some shell mounds built by the Calusa people a few thousand years ago. We saw a gopher tortoise there, too. This photo shows the ubiquitous mangroves stretching across the water.

And then I saw this cool tree which was one of a kind. 

Sanibel has a paved bike trail that runs along the road through the whole island. I think it would be fun to spend a week there and bike anywhere I wanted to on the island.

You get to Captiva by driving through Sanibel Island. Captiva is crowded with nice homes, wealth, and beautiful, lush flowering foliage and palms. Being spring break week, it is too crowded for our taste. It’s difficult finding parking. We had a light dinner and went back to Sanibel for the sunset.

Although it was sunny all day, the sunset was a bust. Got some nice pictures prior to sunset, though.

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