Jen’s Journal – March 12, 2020

Day 257: Fort Myers, FL

Sunny and hot.

We are hanging around with Pat and Judy, waiting for a delivery to come to the home they are staying in. Another fix for Arvi. The latch for the roof vent has broken, and the roof vent fan motor is going.

Meanwhile, I called Dr E in Michigan regarding a thumb ailment I have had since January. Dr E sent me to a doctor in Punta Gorda, who could see me immediately. Away to Punta Gorda we went. The doctor says I have tenosynovitis, or trigger finger. It’s probably from using my phone for all of my blogging, and then spending double that amount of time playing games on my phone. I need to adjust what I’m doing with my phone.

Since we were close by, we thought we would go visit Jean, a 98-year-old friend who is living in Port Charlotte. We had called Jean and left her a message and hadn’t heard back. Our hope was to meet Jean outside, where we didn’t have to get too close to her and therefore avoid spreading any germs to her. The folks at her assisted living facility told us that she rarely goes out, and they were going to allow us in to visit her. We do not want to take any risks, so we just left her a note and moved on.

I went with Judy and her friend Karen to see Miss Saigon at the Barbara Mann theater in Fort Myers. It was a very good performance. The theater was a little more than half full. My two coughs (into a tissue)were the only ones I heard there.

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