Jen’s Journal – December 9, 2019

Day 163: Garner State Park, TX

Sunny and very warm.

We did Drive #5, the Texas Swiss Alps Scenic Drive. According to the website, “you sure won’t think you’re still in Texas on this drive.” Maybe in a couple parts of the drive. It was nice. We drove through Rio Frio, Leakey, Vanderpool, Medina, Bandera, Tarpley, and Utopia, all tiny towns, and achieved an elevation of 2200 feet. Since we’ve seen mostly brown in Texas, the green of the hills was welcome.

This morning we walked to the waterside part of the park. It’s so very quiet and calm here on a Monday.

What kind of trash do you find on the ground the most, after cigarette butts and beverage container tops? Hairbands! I frequently pick them up and put them in a zipped mesh pocket of my pants. After doing laundry, they are good for me to use!

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