Jen’s Journal – December 8, 2019

Day 162: 277 North Campground, Amistad National Recreation Area, TX

Sunny and mild.


We got up early enough and got nerve enough to walk into a Lutheran church with one car in the parking lot in Del Rio. All six of us worshipers went through the liturgy, complete with communion, and singing all the verses of all the hymns.

From today’s reading in Matthew 3:10:

Even now the axe is laid to the root of the trees.

Car Wash

Like most things we are doing on the road, Tom and I have a process.

We go to a “U spray” with a high ceiling and Tom mans the sprayer. Guys like to handle stuff like that.

I have him spray the front and grill first, then I get a rag and scrub the bugs off after he sprays it.

He continues spraying with suds then uses the suds brush.

I take the rag and hand scrub the wheels and the inside of the doors – steps, etc.

Then we grab two of the extra microfiber towels that we never used for anything else and give Arvi a quick dry. Arvi looks beautiful when done.

We drove to Garner State Park in south central Texas. We came here on the recommendation of several people. It’s a nice park and has over 500 campsites in six or seven campgrounds.

I imagine there are way less than 100 campers here tonight but it apparently was fairly full over the weekend. When you walk in the office, you have to take a number and then stand behind the door until your number is called. This was amusing to us, as we were the only people in the office! Ha ha!

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