Finland To Alaska

Finland was a planned detour on our dream road trip to Alaska. We took an opportunity to travel there with two of our daughters. Oh what a detour it was. We will probably find a reason to go back to Finland. 17 days there was not enough. We rushed our last few days and wished we had more.

Our plan was to head to Alaska immediately after returning from Finland.

Unfortunately we had some water issues this wet spring in the crawl space of our home in Johannesburg Michigan that needed attention. So we routed our trip back through Michigan to take car is the issue.

An added dry well and 120 ft of drain tile that hopefully will fix the problem.

We need some racking and grass seed to finish the job.

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  1. We are already discussion a future return visit. There were are so many things to see in Finland. Our two youngest children could not travel with us this time. It would be nice to get them there. I think if this next trip happens in will be in the next two years.


  2. Hello.

    I feel so sorry what has happened to Your home.

    If You someday will return to Finland ask me where to visit in advance and tell what You want to see / visit.

    All the best,



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