To Sell or Not to Sell?

Our plan was to sell Arvi after our year long odyssey. But with Covid, Arvi has come in real handy to give us the ability to travel places and yet stay physically distant from people not within our family. We have been able to travel to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on two separate trips this summer. Finding a place to park for the night has been easy. Michigan has several beautiful state park campgrounds. And Harvest Hosts, the association of RVs and businesses with ample parking, has made it even easier to find an interesting place to visit and spend the night.

We found The Gourd Barn near St. Ignace, Michigan a delightful overnight stop in early September.

We have also been reconsidering where it is we want to spend most of our retirement. Our children seem pretty adamant that we should keep our cottage on Little Bass Lake, and we like it as well, and would like to keep it. But that brings the question: why should we have a second home in Michigan, when we could have a second home somewhere warm and fun?

To that end, we have been thinking about another road trip, this time to check out real estate in places that are warm and fun. In early October we headed back out on the road to explore Jensen Beach, Florida, Bokeelia, Florida, and the Tellico Lake region of Tennessee.

Incidentally, we both got texts from the dentist we visited in San Diego suggesting that we come in for another check up and teeth cleaning. We are thinking there’s nothing keeping us from going anywhere at this point, why not? We have not made the decision to go to San Diego yet, though.

We have Joseph the dog with us when we travel now. He takes much of our time making sure he is walked and fed and properly shod. On cement he drags his back feet and get his toes bloody, so we have to put shoes on him. He is very patient for the shodding process. With Joe being such an old, gentle dog, he really has traveled pretty well with us. He likes going, but is often reluctant to get back in Arvi when we are ready to move on.

On Brockway Mountain in early August

So our trip is investigative in nature. We may try to sell Arvi while in Florida. But I have a feeling we will be driving it back home.

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