Jen’s Journal – May 13, 2020

Day 319: Lollipop Farms, Griffin, GA

Cloudy, rainy, cool.

Traffic was extremely light in Kentucky. Georgia and Tennessee had more traffic, not sure why. Police traffic was extremely heavy in Georgia.

It’s kind of weird to drive by interesting things and keep on going. For instance, we drove by the Andersonville prison and I had that on my list of things to visit. Also, I saw a Historical Marker for the Orphan Train. Would like to have stopped and checked that out.

Since we are towing a boat, Tom is uneasy making any extra turns or stops. I don’t blame him. I still don’t see how people drive huge RVs with jeeps in tow. Riding around in this sprinter van seems difficult enough. I guess they find an RV park to stay in and then drive the jeep everywhere.

We had some rain, the benefit being the love bugs were washed thoroughly off of the windshield. There are still some on the grill, but not as many as there were.

I arranged purchase of a car while we were driving through the Kentucky hills. My new Escape will be delivered Friday afternoon!

Our overnight stop was Wertz Christmas Tree Farm in Franklin, Ohio. Another Harvest Hosts camp and a very peaceful, safe place to park for the night.

We had to put on our long sleeves for the first time in over two months.

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  1. The prison would have been interesting to visit, I’ll never forget our visit to Alcatraz, Tony used to pull double trailers so he can drive anything, me, not so much, it can be tricky


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