Jen’s Journal – April 10, 2020

Day 286: Bokeelia, FL

Partly sunny and humid.

It was a hot and sticky morning, but ended up with a nice breeze and some clouds and cooler weather for the evening. We decided to try opening up the van for sleeping. The van is equipped with screens for the back doors and the side sliding door. We’ve only used them a few times, back in the mosquito days in the northern climes last summer. But we never slept with the back doors open for fear of bears or other wildlife. Of course, the very day we decide to leave the back doors open, the neighbor installs a light that stays on all night outside of our screened doors.

It wasn’t too bad, and allowed us to see if anything creepy was walking around outside. We hear occasional splashes from fish in the canal. It took both of us a long time to fall asleep. Not sure if we couldn’t sleep because the van was open, or having iced tea late in the day, or having bugs in the van that were keeping us awake.

4 thoughts on “Jen’s Journal – April 10, 2020

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  1. Please sleep in the apt. Can you imagine if the owners showed up they would be horrified that
    you were not sleeping in the van. Hospitality!
    I hope you managed to have a good Easter!
    He is Risen!


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