Jen’s Journal – April 8, 2020

Day 284: Bokeelia, FL

Sunny and warm.

Again, what is it about Arvi and birds? A couple weeks ago, Tom left the door open in Arvi and when he walked in he scared a mourning dove out of the rig. When mourning doves are startled, they equally startle us!

Today, a pileated woodpecker hung around Arvi for an hour or so before I came out to photograph it. It was hopping around on the top of the van and on the awning supports underneath it.

Soon, there were two pileated woodpeckers going up and down the palm tree trunk, doing a little mating.

Then woodpecker #1 was back.

Tom said I should not make up any puns about this because kids read this blog.

You will have to make them up yourself.

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