Jen’s Journal – April 7, 2020

Day 283: Bokeelia, FL

Sunny and warm.

Hot Boat Haul Out #2

Someone asked me what we do to entertain ourselves. I said I knit and Tom looks around for things to fix. Tom agreed this is probably true.

Tom has been studying the way the neighbors use their davits to keep their boats out of the water. He decided to try using the two davits here, after confirming with Ray (homeowner) it was all right to do so.

One of the davit motors didn’t work, so that prompted our trip into town last Thursday to have it fixed. We ended up buying a new motor. Tom replaced the motor and belts for both davits and got the contraptions working.

Now he can lift the boat out of the water after using it. He raises one end of the boat out of the water at a time, inspects the rigging to make sure it is secure, and then raises both ends together all the way up. Then he swings the front end over land. The back end follows. 

I liked having the boat tied along the canal. It seems to be a lot of work to pull the boat in and out of the water with each use, but Tom says he is supposed to rinse the motor after having it in salt water, so this is a good thing to do.

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