Jen’s Journal – March 17, 2020

Day 262: Bokeelia, FL

Sunny and hot.

We went to Fort Myers to visit Pat and Judy for Saint Patrick’s Day. Pat and Judy picked up some cinnamon rolls and some pecan rolls, which may have been better than the “best cinnamon buns in the galaxy” that we had in Canada back in July. Seriously, these were seriously good cinnamon rolls!

We went to a strip mall to do a little shopping and found most of the stores closed. Christopher Banks was open, so Judy and I went in and bought some clothes to support them.

We passed a little place called the Ice Cream Club. What a delightful name for an ice cream parlor!

We returned to Bokeelia so Tom could install a new roof vent and fan, using a ladder here. We also have been trying to figure out where the breach in bathroom odors is occurring. We rinsed out the black water tank several times and added an enzyme that is supposed to chew up odorous material. Hopefully this will help.

We had dinner down by the boat ramp at a restaurant called Capt’n Con’s. After dinner, we walked out onto the fishing pier. It was dark with very calm winds, and temperatures probably in the 70s. No stars in the sky, but it was an extremely pleasant evening. We saw some birds sitting along the dock further out than we could walk. We realized that these were yellow capped night herons, birds we learned about last week at the Six Mile Cypress Slough. It is really exciting to remember something we’ve learned and discover it in nature!

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