Jen’s Journal – March 14, 2020

Day 259: Bokeelia, FL

Sunny and hot.

Boy, is it peaceful here. We went for a morning walk around a few of the streets near Ray’s cottage. There are lots of canals and boats. At the boat ramp, there is a restaurant and a fishing pier.

Near the pier, two adolescent boys were wading in the water, and carrying on loudly about the things they were catching in styrofoam cups. They told me they were catching crabs and had about nine. The crabs were four or five inches across in total. The boys’ cell phones were sitting in the sun on a short cement wall nearby.

“Dude, why is this so fun?” one said to the other! It’s too bad not more people get to experience how wonderful nature is.

An artist lives nearby. His work reminds me of the works of the reclusive Finnish artist who lived on the Russian border that I saw back in June. (I added that part of my Finland Journal below today’s Journal) These photos are of the neighbor’s art, and I added a link to the place in Finland.

Parikkala Sculpture Park

In the evening, lots of people were on the pier, where they could get a view of the sunset.

June 18, 2019

Drove DNR (Darn Near Russia) around 3:20 PM. We probably could see it. I’ll check a map to see how close we actually were.

We stopped at a roadside stop because it was so close to Russia. I saw an entrance to a little park in the woods that had lots of quirky life-size statues of people that looked like claymation. There was a donation box to get in. We have no cash and the mosquitoes were chewing on me, so we left. I looked up the place, and it was very interesting. Look up Patsaspuisto Finland. This reclusive artist made all these concrete statues, 560 in all, and made gardens and arrangements of them. I wish we could have seen them all, but we wouldn’t have had time to do the Lappeenranta museums, so it all worked out for the better.

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