Jen’s Journal – February 9, 2020

Day 225: Geronimo St, Miramar Beach, FL

Sunny, breezy, warm.

The church was full of snowbirds: Grace Lutheran in Destin. They’re having a bonfire at the beach and an open house at the pastor’s home. If we were to stay here for the winter, I think I would like to get involved. Pastor asked where the new people were from: Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio. I’m starting to see the huge business of Florida with retirees.

Gay and I took our knitting out by the pool and were just just going strong when the sun went behind the clouds. It was too cold to sit there any more. I think the sun hat and application of sunscreen sent the sun hiding.

Joe caught us taking a selfie at sunset.

My brother Joel really knows how to cook chicken wings. I think Tom and I gave him a pleading look, so they got some wings and cooked them for dinner. These wings rock even without sauce!

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