Jen’s Journal – February 10, 2020

Day 226: Geronimo St, Miramar Beach, FL

Cloudy, rain in the evening.

Servant Care is a ministry that provides housing or a resting place for missionaries or pastors who are home from the mission field for a while. We have been involved for several years and have hosted five families who were raising support or just needed a vacation.

Larry and Anita are the leaders of Servant Care and live in Eufala, and the organization has a home in Midway, Alabama, 30 miles from Eufala. We headed to The Resting Place in Midway to see how we might help them with the restoration in progress.

Here we met Jacob and Anna and their youngest son, who live at The Resting Place, and we parked Arvi behind the workshop.

So far, Midway is one of the tiniest old towns I have seen. There are a couple homes which must have been grand at one time, swallowed up by the rampant growth of vegetation in this warm and humid climate.

The town has a post office and a Dollar General.

The Resting Place was built in the old southern dogtrot design where there is an opening through the center of the home, for breezes (or dogs) to pass through. All of the rooms opened into this breezeway. The opening has been closed up, but there is a grand passageway that remains where the breezeway was, and a dining room!

The kitchen is in a separate building, also a common feature in old southern houses. The kitchen is connected by the deck, and there is lots of outdoor living space.

Jacob and Anna have been working on updating the house for over a year now.

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