Jen’s Journal – February 4, 2020

Day 220: Selma St, Mobile, AL

Cloudy and warm.

Tom and I went for a nice long walk in Mobile. Magnolia Cemetery is a few blocks from Katherine’s house. There are 50,000 burials there. It is an interesting place with a big section of Confederate soldiers.

We walked all around and read several informational signs, then looked to leave the cemetery but couldn’t find an exit. So we walked most of the fence on the inside, as well as many of the main routes, until we finally found an open gate.

You could see the downtown buildings from there.

Katherine took us to Wintzell’s Oyster House in downtown Mobile. It was a seafood taste fest:

Fried green tomatoes

Sautéed crab claws

West Indies salad

Chargrilled oysters

Seafood gumbo

Shrimp and grits

I could see joy in the faces of my companions.

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  1. Bart had a training near Birmingham a few years back. Kyle and I went with him and then went to Destin for the first time that weekend. I had fried banana pie at a restaurant there and gained about 10 lbs the 2 weeks we were there just from the sweet tea. The history in Alabama is really interesting and so sad in so many ways. I found the burial procedures very interesting but wow, do those cemeteries get hot with all that concrete!


  2. Tony and I walk thru cemeteries as well, Ive always thought they tell stories of years gone by, we really enjoyed the one in Boston and the one in Deadwood , and the food looks delightful!


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